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Tech levels are a convenient abstract used to categorize technology according to relative complexity and sophistication. Technological innovations are put on a numeric scale that represents when they first enter widespread use (ie, out of the experiemntal and testing phases.) The number represents a historical era, past or future, and its accompanying overall level of development.

The tech level scale used in the Spec Tech Database ranges from 1 to 25+, where 1 through 10 represents real historical eras and 11+ represents future ages. Categorizing innovations by tech levels is NOT a precision science and represents only best guesses as to when an innovation will come on-line.

Also, this scale is by no means a smooth curve. Tech Level 1 represents a period of roughly 4500 years, while tech level 9 represents barely 1/10th that. Tech level 11 represents a mere 10 years, and the higher numbers (20+) represent leaps of thousands of years. Each level represents a broad number of various innovations, and the scale only shoots up to the next level when a large number of breakthroughs significantly changes both society and the technological landscape as a whole.

For most innovations, especially near-future ones (Tech Levels 11 through 15), I try to be as conservative as reasonable in guessing when they may emerge, factoring both prevailing cultural and economic factors as well as technological ones. For example, even though it may be possible that someone will discover the means for an FTL drive within the next ten years, it will much more likely be many centuries (if ever) before we beat a beam of light to another star. Thus FTL travel has a tech level of 16+, an indication of many centuries of advancement, as opposed to the ten-plus years in the furture tech level 11 represents.

A brief breakdown of Tech Levels by group and what they mean:

Tech Level 0

This represents no technology.

Tech Level 1

This represents the slow climb of technology in Prehistory, from the time our pre-homo-sapiens ancestors first picked up a stick to dig for grubs until advancements in agriculture allowed for the formation of cities and recorded history.

Tech Levels 2-9

These represent actual historical eras (see chart)

Tech Level 10

This represents modern day Earth, today.

Tech Levels 11-15

These levels represent the near future, from tomorrow until about 100 years from now. Usual estimates for this period include steady refinements in electronic and computer technology, ever-increasing global connectiveness and travel, the advent of "base" cybernetics and genetic engineering, and a slow but steadily increasing human presence in space.

Tech Levels 16-20

This is the "far" future, representing up to 1000 or more years beyond Tech Level 15. These are the tech levels of most mainstream science fiction stories and tropes, such as starships, interstellar colonies, intelligent robots, death rays, alien contact, etc, etc.

Tech Levels 21-25
These levels represent the frontiers of the easily imaginable future, a great many thousands of years beyond today. Humankind opens up the secrets of the universe and creates ultra-sophisticated technology whose feats would seem to border on the magical to us today. Wormholes may connect distant parts of the galaxy. Black holes may be tapped for energy. Involuntary death may be unknown.

Tech Levels 26 and Beyond

Levels beyond 25 represent god-like technologies in power and reach. Cosmos-spanning networks, reality-altering machines, pocket universes, and more mind-boggling concepts inhabit these levels.


0 No Tech
1 Prehistory, aka Stone Age (5000 BC and Before)
2 Early City-States (5000 BC to 500 BC)
3 Iron Age (500 BC to AD 500)
4 Middle Ages (AD 500 to AD 1450)
5 Rennaisance (AD 1450 to AD 1700)
6 Age of Reason (1700 to 1850)
7 Victorian Era (1850 to 1900)
8 The World Wars (1901 to 1945)
9 Cold War Era (1946 to 1991)
10 Modern-Day Earth (1992-present)
11 circa +10 years
12 circa +25 years
13 circa +50 years
14 circa +75 years
15 circa +100 years
16 Low Far Future Technology
20 High Far Future Technology
21 Low "Ultra" Technology
25 High "Ultra" Technology
26+ god-Like Technologies

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